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Why Lean

The continuous rise in wages & salaries, reducing order volumes, higher quality expectations has made it extremely challanging to remain profitable & competitive in the global marketplace. Efficiency has never been more important to the manufacturing industry than now.

The answer to: "how can factories maximize productivity & earn higher profit, offer their products at a lower price with consistent good quality & remain competitive globally" is with a set of principles & practices collectively known as lean manufacturing.

Unlike other improvement methodologies, lean focuses holistically on the business from all the perspectives (man, machine, method, material, environment) that affect the organization. If implemented well, it helps in building a culture of continuous improvement, where people learn & participate in challenging their processes to improve them & set new standards to make consistent quality products. This reduces cost of manufacturing enabling higher profits & also reduces the overall lead time.

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Nitin Agarwal

Managing Director | Hillson Footwear Pvt. Ltd.

Himanshu is one of the most humble, talented and sharp minded person I have met, who not only encourages to challenge one's own capability but also how to patiently and diligently work on improvising the skills, knowledge and problem-solving ability of the teams. From being managers to becoming effective leaders is the transformation our organisation is experiencing under his guidance.

He well understands the journey and challenges of an SME and how to navigate them and work on the MINDSET of the people, and for us that is converting into tangible results as well.

If any organisation look forward for continuous problem-solving, process improvement and creating good leaders in your team, with Himanshu, you are in the right hands provided you are also willing to take the pain, as he can only show us the way.

Johannes F Somers

Executive Chairman | Diep Vu Company, Laos

It is not always easy to convince your team to let go & open itself up to new possibilities. Cost effectiveness & clear deliverables are always a key concern for any manager when engaging with consultants. Himanshu is a truly unique individual in his ability to make everybody feel safe from day one, so much so that he convinced our team to take our eyes off those golden KPIs & focus on getting the fundamentals right.

Sirish & Himanshu demystified the whole lean journey & set us on a path that is irreversible.

Success comes through total employee involvement. Future success is therefore more secure. What speaks more loudly than that is the empowerment one feels on the factory floor which corelates nicely with the financials. The only regret I have is that I did not engage with them earlier.

Andrew Smith

Quality & Manufacturing Consultant | Trio Trends, India

Working with Himanshu was inspirational. He is the consummate professional, an excellent communicator and 100% focused. He really is a rare find. His production knowledge is limitless, you show him a problem and he’ll provide a solution. I can not recommend him highly enough.

Johan Wolf

Finance Manager | Diep Vu Company, Laos

Himanshu is a very empathetic person, innovative and focused. He has the ability to guide and coach individuals & teams through change, avoiding most resistance. It has been a great pleasure and learning experience for me to work with Himanshu on important culture change initiatives.

Bruce Kayitare

Social Impact Manager | Abahizi, Rwanda

A very humble intelligent person, who really knows what he does in Lean Manufacturing. Well organized, good instructor and always available for helping. He also cares for everyone and is always strict to see continuous improvement. I always appreciate the trainings & coaching I received from Him on Total Productive Maintenance, Value Stream Mapping, Single piece flow and many more.